put together sometime in early 2013.  not actually an Appalachian dulcimer in that it’s not easily played laying flat in the lap.  I call it a dulcimer because it’s got a diatonic fret layout, much like a real appalachian dulcimer.

standard issue cigar box whatsit.

used discards from the woodshop in N51.

oak neck

black walnut? pegs.

purchased fretwire.  worth it for the ease of installation.

The plywood top of the box has sagged with time.  The conveniently accessible hinged box now contains a structural chicken bone, positioned rather like a soundpost of the viol family, to prevent the top from caving in more.

A lack of perfect constraint of the box yields a “charming” wah-wah effect when the box is nudged.

In need of an overhaul.  The neck is worth keeping.

See its predecessor, the proto-dulcimer.