The toyota prius inverter is excellent.



It moves cars, moved derpbike, and now it makes a pretty good welder too.  It should be noted that through all of this abuse*, neither I nor my peers have managed to kill one.  Remarkable!  On top of that, it’s not a pain to use.  The pins are nicely labeled, the logic side is isolated from the power side, and all of the hard power electronic stuff (gate drive & layout) is done for you.  That’s why this device is a steal at the going ebay rate of $200.  (less for a slightly dinged-up one)

*repeatedly tripping the built in overcurrent shutdown, plugging it into the wall, covering it in grinding dust

A prius inverter would make an excellent teaching tool for power electronics.

I’ve been welding a lot with spoolguns (flux cored wire), stick electrodes, and car batteries recently.  These methods are pretty excellent for dirty, strong-e-nuff welds that are as portable as a couple of car batteries and some jumper cable.


So why complicate things by making this sweet and simple setup


into this one?


to do stoopid stuff like this: