Repair a split tuning peg

I snapped the tuning peg on the lowest string on my fiddle a while ago, trying to free it when  it was jammed.  A better way to free jammed pegs is to tap them out axially with a dowel rather than trying to twist them out.

I never did make a peg shaver and reamer for these pegs.  The holes were drilled in discrete steps and the pegs were whittled and eyeballed to size with a drill bit gauge.  Other than the split head, the peg was in fine shape, so I tried pinning it back together.


I used a 1/16″ drill bit to make some tiny holes for pins.  I only drilled 6 or 8 mm deep to avoid poking through the other side.IMG_0308[1]

I made the pins from bamboo because it is hard, stiff, tough, and cheap.  I split off a small section with my knife and removed material until it matched the hole I’d just drilled.


I fitted the pins to one peg-half, then used their locations to mark and drill holes on the other peg half.


I held it up to the light to check the fit.  This is OK. IMG_0312[1]

I applied wood glue to the mating surfaces of the broken parts and squeezed it in a vise to close the gap while the glue set.  IMG_0313[1]


Works just fine.