About this site


The result of unending curiousity.

This is me at my best and worst. This is a logbook and motivation source. This is my own content.


This collection of webpages has existed in some form or other since shortly after my arrival at MITERS in the year 2011. The people of MITERS introduced me to electronics, an experience more thrilling and intoxicating than I ever could've imagined. At MITERS, blogging was a way to document and share things that we made, so I blogged.

Working at a Silicon Valley tech company showed me the incredible power of computers to Get Stuff Done, and I became irreversably interested in programming and computer security.

How it's made

This site is compiled with my own static site generator (why?!) and hosted with AWS. The source files are in a git repository that syncs to dropbox. 🙃


Site design is influenced by Gwern Branwyn's long content, and Jorge Israel Peña's outstanding notetaking. Also Dane Kouttron's site which serves as a very effective engineering journal.