About this site


The result of unending curiousity.

This is me at my best and worst. This is a public logbook. This is my own content.


This collection of webpages started to exist when I came to MITERS in the year 2011. The people of MITERS introduced me to electronics, an experience more thrilling and intoxicating than I ever could've imagined. At MITERS, blogging was a way to document and share things that we made, so I blogged.

How it's made

This site is compiled with my own static site generator (why?!) and hosted with AWS. The source files are in a git repository that syncs to dropbox. 🙃


Site design (or lack thereof) is influenced by Gwern Branwyn's long content, and Jorge Israel Peña's outstanding notetaking. Also Dane Kouttron's site which serves as a very effective engineering journal.