Cruftbike continues to accrue miles.  Seven each way, five days a week.  and that's just the baseline.  Every part of the bike is at least secondhand.  I respect it, its numerous ball bearings, its sinewy cables, and its clapped-out chain.  Brakes in good shape?  Tires hard?  let's ride.  I feel a warm optimism to know that bicycles exist in great numbers, and that their parts are plentiful and interchangeable.

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They pitch out a lot of nice food in the city of Portland.  Good thing cruftbike has hauling capabilities.

dumpster treats for the fourth

At the 9-5 I make and modify some real wonky looking hunks of metal in the machine shop.  I am interning at Pika Energy to make affordable, reliable wind turbines for your back yard.

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I got my other bike running and legal back in Boston last weekend.  Carbs cleaned, new tires, tank de-rusted (mostly).   An inline fuel filter keeps us moving.   My first good ride after the MSF course was the trip back up to Portland.  I split it between route 1, I-295, and I-95.  We got there in one piece with no hiccups.

the price for true freedom is eternal vigilance

There's something special about tinkering with the innards of the thing that hauls you down the freeway at speeds that walking feet can't comprehend.   

at goodwill.  frugal riders ride ninja 250s

Portland is pretty small compared to Boston.  It's a short ride on either bike to get out of the city and feel like it too.


machining by day, scrounging and reading by night, spacing and wandering on weekends.  Yeah, I'd say it's Summer.